PUBG Mobile Latest 1.1 Beta Update | New Metro Mode and much more

PUBG developers have officially released the newest beta update 1.1 for Android users to get new features and also check any bugs and glitches that might come into the game. The much-awaited 1.1 beta global version comes with several new and interesting features such as Metro Royale mode, two new maps, new equipment, new challenges, and many other exciting features that will definitely provide you the best gaming experience. We know that PUBG developers are always known for making new changes to gameplay to keep it better than other battle royale genre. Download the game on your phone from the official website and enjoy new challenges.

The new Metro Royale mode features two unique maps with different locations, buildings, and names. It also includes new thermal sight and night vision equipment, and a new Tikar Rifle as well. The update comes with a winter theme so players can see the winter festival hut, gits, pine tree, and more in the gameplay. We have discussed all the new features below that include in this beta version.

PUBG Mobile 1.1 Beta Patch Note

New Metro Royale mode

  • New map: Two unique maps
  • New equipment: New Thermal Sight/Night Vision equipment and new Tikar Rifle.
  • New Challenges: Introduction of Agile bandits, Special monsters and more.

New Metro Royale non-battle system

  • New System – Mode Loadout: Equipment configured in the loadout can be brought into battle.
  • New System – Black Market: An exclusive Metro Royale Shop.

Classic Mode themed gameplay

  • Winter Festival: New Winter Castle Paradise. Players can visit the Winter Festival hut and gift pine tree…and more

Classic Mode additions and improvements

  • New item: Spike Trap
  • Players can throw or pick up melee weapons and put them back into the backpack, and more.

The PUBG Mobile has been currently banned in India by the Indian Government due to the Chinese publisher. You can’t play the game in India as the government has advised not to download PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite. It is removed from the Google Play Store in India, so keep an eye on our website to get the latest update regarding unbanned notification for PUBG Mobile through officials.

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